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It's time to grab back your mojo - Online, In Studio, On Demand! 


Join us for online fitness, flexibility and dance in every style for a healthy, happy you.

With small groups and committed friendly teachers our classes are Personalised, Interactive

with Individual Feedback from start to end.


Try our ABC Absolute Power, Absolute Barre and Absolute Calm classes and the Absolute Dance range from MDC - one membership, two companies covered!


Barre & Wellness 

• Barre Fitness, Body Sculpt, Stretch & Release, Flexibility, Yoga, Pilates, Warrior Sculpt

Power Fitness

• HIIT, Legs, Bums & Tums, Kettle Smash, Cardio Box, Penalty Box, Ab Blast, Bands & Bodyweight, 10-10-10, Calorie Smash

MDC Dance

• Jazz & Contemporary, Ballet & Pointe, Commercial & Pom Dance

• Performance Rehearsals• Dance Challenges

Your ABC to

balanced fitness!

‘I love Natalie’s fitness classes! She always provides variations and progressions for every person in the room so everyone reaches their optimal workout while still having fun. It’s wonderful to work out in such a positive environment.’ Kelsey x


‘Kate is such a friendly, supportive teacher and is great at tailoring the class to suit both beginners and more advanced dancers alike. She is eagle-eyed in her corrections which helps all her students improve quickly and confidently.’


"I joined Natalie's fitness class 7 months ago and I haven't looked back! Her classes are always fun and well structured, but also push you to your limits.  I can safely say I have not only improved my fitness but also my confidence whilst making friends along the way. I would recommend her class to anyone!


"Warrior Sculpt was really cool and I really got the flow.  Naomi was friendly and very encouraging."

Absolute Barre


Strength conditioning and low impact cardio  with stretch, flexibility and flow sequences


Drawn from: 

Ballet, Pilates, yoga, body weight conditioning, resistance and weight training, and dance

Train like a dancer for all over body strength and flexibility.​  Sculpt and tone from top-to-toe with this programme designed to boost your metabolism and help you achieve long lean graceful lines. 


Build all over body strength and tone, burn calories, increase flexibility, improve posture and balance, reduce injury risk and decrease pain from muscle imbalance as you encourage lean long muscles and graceful limbs, invigorate your energy and focus, and relax into it’s new leaner self.  

Absolutely for you


Five class types to select from:

1. Barre Ballet Sculpt

2. Barre Body Sculpt

3. Floor Barre & Sculpt

4. Barre Ball & Bands

5. Barre HIIT: Strength & Stretch for dancers 

1. Ballet Sculpt

Firm and burn as you stretch and tone whilst developing correct posture and a lean, strong silhouette.​  Our signature class combines ballet technique with Pilates and yoga to help you build the strength and balance of a dancer's body, reducing aches and pains by strengthening stabilising muscles and improving dynamic fitness and performance in other sports.  Enjoy low impact cardio, ballet barre and flexibility exercises, body weight conditioning, resistance and weight training, floor barre for glute and core conditioning and deep stretch and release.

2. Body Sculpt

A body can't live by plies alone so here come the squats!  Body Sculpt embraces the principles of control and stability that you love about Barre, blended with low impact power exercises, body weight conditioning and resistance training, with optional over ball work to help you dig deep into that muscle shake.  We still employ Barre stretch and tone techniques to avoid muscle bulk and build elegant posture and a lean and strong silhouette.

Includes low impact cardio, body weight conditioning, resistance and weight training, floor barre for glute and core conditioning and flexibility exercises.

3. Floor Barre

A mat based version of your favourite class applying ballet technique to floor exercises for glute and core conditioning.  Gain all the strength and sculpt benefits of training like a dancer whilst focusing deeply on technique.  Class incorporates optional resistance band and Pilates ball exercises for that extra shake and burn.

4. Ball & Bands

Our Ball and Band sessions intensify your Barre experience by layering resistance to your work out with bands and destabilising your base with an over ball so every muscle is fired up during exercises with a single body area target.  Ball work also fires up your adductors and inner thighs and encourages you to maximise your movement range

5. Barre HIIT

An explosive session combining Barre concepts with HIIT exercises targeting the muscle groups used for dance - elevations, jumps, splits, pointe - and providing an enormous cardio and strength blast.  Structured as Strength and Stretch for Dancers, it's also a killer workout for non dancers and a great compliment to your other barre sessions.

Warrior Sculpt

With Naomi

Flow through a journey from gentle mobilisations to strong conditioning flow and sweaty cardio before stretching and relaxing in this yoga-based conditioning class.

Body Conditioning

With Marcela

A total-body fitness system that combines the practices of Pilates and yoga to help you build strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it.


Ballet is a beautiful discipline that helps you sculpt and tone, strengthen and stretch, whilst learning the graceful art and science of ballet. Learn the foundations of this timeless dance with barre technique exercises, centre adagio and allegro work and beautiful relaxing reverence. Sculpt graceful lines, improve all over body strength, flexibility, elegance and posture, reinvigorate your energy through the joy of classical ballet movement.


For dancers with some experienced on pointe we offer pointe classes to strengthen technique, starting with a resistance band warm up before moving into pointe exercises.

Stretch & Flex

Improve mobility & reduce pain with flexibility & stretch classes​ to enhance alignment, posture, performance.​  Flexibility is the key to a healthy, well aligned body that maximises your performance in other dance and sports disciplines and helps protects you from injury.  Whether you're mobility is restricted from hunching over a laptop every day, your muscles are tight from sports such as running, or you need to hit your splits in dance or martial arts, these classes are invaluable to overall well being.  Stretching also helps elongate your muscles which otherwise tend to bulk up when we exercise making it the perfect aid to over all condition, body comfort and elegance.


Release tension and relieve stress as you restore the mind-body connection and discover a deeper understanding of how to move your body safely and effectively. We incorporate a step-by-step approach to yoga posture practice (asana), breathing (pranayama) and movement (ullola). You'll leave feeling completely rebalanced.



An exceptionally calming and relaxing class to gently move your body to target specific muscles. Working gently and slowly helps to release built-up tension and can result in a greater range of movement, more flexibility, connection and control. We target the fascia of the body with long hold stretches and by using props such as pillows, bands and towels. This class works the whole body from top to toe as well as calming the mind. At the end of each session there is a guided relaxation with blankets and soothing music.

Marcela 3.jpg


With Naomi


Find strength through fluidity of movement and connection with your breath.  Expect to be challenged, improving your functional mobility and flexibility.

With Marcela


Our signature Pilates class draws on our dance experience as well as our Pilates knowledge to create a class that is fun, interesting and effective. We don’t stick exclusively to the original 34 Pilates as we like to make sure that each class is different to keep you on your toes. We combine dance exercises with the Pilates fundamentals of Alignment, Breath, Centring, Control Focus and Flow. Progression and modifications offered suitable for all.

Pure Power Fitness

Strength, Cardio & Calorie Burn with your Home Gym Classes Online!

All the classes you loved at the gym from the comfort of your own home.  If you're missing the gym Tony Puplett and his team at Fit Flint bring you all the studio classes you love in the comfort of your own home.  Add power strength training, cardio and calorie burn options to your routine.  Classes include:


• HIIT • Ab Blast • Bands & Bodyweight • Penalty Box • 10-10-10

• Kettle Smash • Calorie Smash • Cardio Box • Legs, Bums & Tums

High Plank


This workout is not for the faint hearted, however all exercises can be modified to your own capability. HIIT is a pure bodyweight exercise class with high intense exercises and small rests in between, this class will boost your metabolism out of this world.

Intense Training

Penalty Box

This is a 30 and a 45 min class. Strictly Cardiovascular class designed to keep you in that fat burning zone throughout the whole class. This class has been proven to burn the most calories out of all our classes in the specific time.

Core Exercise

Legs, Bums & Tums

This class does exactly what it say, it a bodyweight only class concentrating on these specific areas, your Legs bums and tums will be worked to the max!

Workout with Skipping Rope

Ab Blast

This class is all about working your abdominal area, there are 3 rounds of 3 exercises all concentrating in this area, nice slow class but very effective.

Squat Workout


This is a 30 Minute Class where you will spend an overall time of 10 minutes on weights - 10 minutes on Cardio and 10 Minutes on Abs. It is a fairly new class and is proving to be very effective and popular.

Aerobics Class

Calorie Smash

This will always be a surprise as to what Lisa will have in store for you, she will take you through a series of Bodyweight exercises to work every muscle in your body in a variety of ways designed to smash out those calories, it’s a great start to your day.

Work Out at Home

Bands & Bodyweight

This class will work all major muscle groups using a resistance bands and just your bodyweight. If you don’t have a resistance band you can use anything that stretches such as a scarf, pair of tights, leggings etc, you will feel the burn for sure with this one.

Man with Kettlebell

Kettle Smash

This is a shortened version of Kettlercise, working all area's of your body in a fluid non-stop routine, a great toning and strengthening class.

Woman Boxing

Cardio Box

This class will take you through basic Boxing moves and combinations but also including bodyweight exercises, this is a great Cardio workout guaranteed to give you that burn.

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