We'd like to help you work towards holistic and balanced class combinations.  Perhaps you are signed up to five classes a month (what will you do with that spare class two months out of three?), perhaps you want three sessions a week, either way our teachers can help you find a balance of alternative and complimentary classes around your main training.  It's our ABC:

Active Classes for cardio & conditioning like Box Fit, Barre, HIIT

Beat, Bounce Boogie...Dance Classes for fun and self expression like Dance Blast, Jazz, Ballet and Street  

Calming Classes for mind and body like Pilates, Yoga, Flexibility

A Single Space For A Balanced Body


Ballet Beginner with Louisa:

Learn the basics of ballet technique and benefit from improved posture, alignment, flexibility, co-ordination, and strength. We will start with a full body warm up, learn technique on the barre, perfect ballet steps in the centre, and finish with a travelling sequence. Start your day with music, movement, and a workout which will leave you feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead. This is a class for all levels and abilities - come along and have a go!

Ballet General with Laetitia:

This is a general/all level ballet class which means everyone is welcome! Laetitia gives easier and more challenging options when teaching so that the class can cater to all levels. The class begins with work at the ballet barre followed by a series of centre work exercises from Adage through to Allegro. This isn’t your regular ballet class, Laetitia focuses on the creativity and expression involved in ballet and implements this into her exercises making it super fun.

MTV Commercial Dance with Jai:

Commercial Dance with Jai brings you a full body cardio jam, drawing on the funkiest routines from MTV to build your rhythm and coordination. This fun-filled session breaks down the steps for each week's routine, covering both the basics and more challenging moves, encouraging you to let go and have fun to your favourite music chart hits.  Starting with a cardio warm up and stretch, the class moves into the routine teaching section.  A total body conditioning workout that's too much fun to notice!

Commercial Dance, Music Videos with Becki B:

Becki B brings her experience from working professionally with many different choreographers and at studios including Laban, Pineapple, Dance Works and Studio68 to bring you this fun and friendly commercial dance class, drawing on the latest music videos and choreographies to put you through your paces for a total body workout you'll enjoy too much to call exercise. Build strength, technique and flexibility for a great weekend shake out.

Jazz with Daisy:

Mixing cardio, strength, control, and technique, this class will challenge you to reach further and jump higher. Suitable for all levels of experience, each week will follow a basic structure; warm up, strength training, stretching and dancing. Work your brain as well as your body whilst you follow and pick up new moves and new routines. Just watch as you become fitter, more flexible and more confident as the weeks go by.

Musical Theatre Jazz with Louisa:

Learn new dance styles and perform the choreography to all your favourite West End Musicals in this fun filled class. Build your confidence by learning jazz dance technique and put it into practise with each week’s routine. Benefit from improved co-ordination, musicality, fitness, flexibility, and spotlight sass. If you fancy getting your leg warmers on for Fame, swinging in to the 60s with Hairspray, or visiting the cells of Chicago then this is the class for you.

Jazz Dance with Andriani:

Jazz Dance with Andriani is an energetic session using a combination of different dance moves, from isolations to big leaps, high kicks and quick turns. Just like in the movies and on the stage, this class it is dynamic as well as lyrical. A great aerobic workout, you’ll have lots of fun whilst dancing short sequences of choreography and developing strength, stamina and technique.

Cheerleading with Natalie:

A fantastic and fun strengthening and core conditioning programme, learning cheer dance, tumble and jumps helping you improve flexibility and tone every area of the body. Class covers a cardio warm up, strengthening, conditioning and flexibility exercises, cheer dance routines and an optional section on jumps and tumble.

Stunts with Natalie:

An open stunt training session working through level 2-4 stunts. Open to beginners; those already hooked but unable to commit to a full time comp team training schedule; and people already in teams wanting even more stunts but on a drop-in basis. A fantastic strengthening class.

Dance Cardio with Louisa:

Let your hair down, dance it out and get fit to the latest tunes in my dance cardio class. Learn easy to follow routines and benefit from a cardio workout that will get your heart racing, sweat dripping and the endorphins pumping. Leave feeling fabulous, energised and stress free.

Diva Dance Fitness with Daisy:

Let go and have fun as you find your inner diva dancing to music from some of the greatest female pop singers on the planet. From old school Beyoncé to the newest songs from Little Mix, this high intensity cardio class will have you sweating and singing all at the same time. Leave feeling strong, toned and sassy!


HIIT & Stretch with JJ:

HIIT & Stretch Classes encompass all principles of fitness; Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Mobility & Power, combining all of these to give your body the 30minute blast which torches body fat and keeps your metabolism burning calories all day long, followed by a 15 minute stretch to help you relax and elongate your muscles.

HIIT with Jenny D:

This high intensity class is designed to get your heart rate up and burn calories whilst improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Expect squats, lunges and the odd burpee, you will move in all planes of motion and use your muscles in unexpected ways. No class will be the same so you won't know what is coming! You will leave feeling worked but revitalised and you can expect sore muscles the following day.

Fitness HIIT with Jai:

Fitness HIIT draws on Jai's years of experience teaching everything from Thigh High leg work outs, Badass butt sculpts, total body HIITS, full body Barre blasts and upper body Pound outs. A fresh fitness mash up that offers a different combination of exercises and body focus each week, whether you're looking for Body Weight Conditioning or going Peachy Keen, Jai's got you covered in her Fitness Wipeout.

Barra Fit with Paul:

The Gracie Barra Fulham Cardio Kickboxing Program is designed to help you reach all of your fitness goals. Get moving with us and lose weight, gain self-confidence, and develop your boxing discipline in a gym that’s like no other. BARRAFIT is a new, specialized program offered through Gracie Barra that draws on the training methods of GB with the exception of the belt system, to build a martial arts inspired fitness program. It incorporates the philosophy, teaching and training methods of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into classes that are specifically designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals. However, BarraFit is more than just a workout. It is a fitness program built with the same components that make the Gracie Barra training experience so unique, inspiring, welcoming, challenging and safe. At Gracie Barra Fulham the BARRAFIT program goes beyond the typical “get into shape” aspiration. The program aims at building a strong mind as the foundation for a strong and fit body by teaching the same values we teach to regular Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to help them succeed on their journeys from white to black belt. BARRAFIT is fitness with a purpose. The purpose of achieving one’s personal best.

TRX & Body Weight Conditioning with Victor:

Body Weight Conditioning is a body weight exercise class designed to improve your strength, mobility and balance. This class will challenge and invigorate you ensuring that your everyday activities become easier.

Self Defence with Paul:

Join Black Belt Paul “Leão Marinho” Hartley for a weekly self defence class that will not only keep you fit and help you gain confidence but also teach you how to deal with dangerous or surprising situations to protect yourself and your family. Paul is a warm and friendly instructor with an incredible Jiu-Jitsu pedegry behind him: he was the first person Professor Lagarto ever promoted to Black Belt and has numerous Championship titles under his, well, belt. Who better to lead you through a weekly class of self defence techniques?


Pilates with Jenny D:

Jenny trained with STOTT Pilates but since then has added to her repertoire with her own study. She likes to keep the class fresh and will also incorporate balance and lots of glute work, who doesn't want a toned derrière? She will help you to strengthen your core to prevent back injury as well as work to balance your muscles to improve posture. Jenny likes to incorporate small equipment such as resistance bands and Pilates balls to add a little more challenge to the classes.

Pilates with Jenny T:

Coming form an office background Jenny enjoys helping desk bound clients to improve their posture and reduce their aches and pains through Pilates. She also enjoys working with older clients to help them regain confidence in movement, balance and strength and particularly to help those with osteoporosis.

Pilates with Victor:

A total body mat based exercise class. This class is for all abilities as exercises can be modified for all levels. You can expect to improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness.


Ballet Fitness Fusion with Laetitia:

Laetitia has put together her own ballet fitness fusion class and she is excited to share it with you! The class begins at the ballet barre followed by centre work focused on core stability/balance, then a cardiovascular section followed by a stretching section to finish. Laetitia believes it is becoming increasingly important to improve our posture and to strengthen our core to improve everyday wellbeing.

Barre Blast with Natalie:

The perfect conditioning blast. Combining cardio bursts and dynamic stretches from ballet, yoga and pilates to boost your metabolism and help you achieve the long lean graceful lines of a dancer's body. Improve your core, lower and upper body strength, lengthen and stretch your muscles, invigorate your energy and focus your mind for all over body conditioning. Firm and burn as you stretch and tone whilst developing elegant posture and a slim, strong silhouette.


Barre Fitness with Louisa:

Come and join me at the barre for a fun and full body work out inspired by Ballet, Pilates and Yoga exercises. This is a low impact class for all levels and abilities which will increase your flexibility, endurance, and mobility. The movements are designed to activate every muscle, tone and sculpt. Challenge your balance, core control, and fitness and see the improvements week after week in class.

Barre Fitness with Becki B:

Becki B brings her experience from working professionally with many different choreographers and at studios including Laban, Pineapple, Dance Works and Studio68 to bring you this fun and friendly commercial dance class, drawing on the latest music videos and choreographies to put you through your paces for a total body workout you'll enjoy too much to call exercise. Build strength, technique and flexibility for a great weekend shake out.

Ballet Fitness with Daisy:

Taking techniques from ballet and mixing them with high intensity training, this class is perfect for toning and burning. Every muscle will be targeted and worked so after a few weeks you won't rely on the barre to help you to balance - you’ll be using your core strength to stabilise!


Barre, Flexibility & Flow with Natalie:

Created by Natalie for Sadler's Wells, this class will help you stretch and tone using elements of ballet and contemporary dance, barre conditioning, yoga and pilates to release muscle tension, sculpt graceful body lines, improve mobility and flexibility, enhance posture and build a stronger toned physique. Incorporating more elements of flow and flexibility, small intense bursts of low impact barre cardio to firm and burn are used to prepare the body for simple, relaxing movement sequences designed for strengthening and release of tight shoulder, back and upper body muscles and a floor based flexibility section to help you relax into it’s new stronger, poised and limber self.

Stretch & Tone with JJ:

Stretch & Tone is created around the principles of Pilates with a fitness element. Moving through various planes of motion, we use our power house, our core, to stablise our frame whilst co-orination, balance and body weight strength are put to the test.


Early Bird Yoga with Marija, Kremena, Kate and Angela: 

Make the most of the day ahead with this uplifting and energising class, choosing between Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Dynamic Yoga, every Monday-Friday. Open to all levels, class is ideal for developing strength, balance and flexibility while helping to focus and calm the mind. A perfect way to start your day.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Gandha, Marija and Kate:

Vinyasa yoga uses ‘pranayama (breath work) combined with strong flowing asanas (postures) to challenge and awaken the body and mind finishing with relaxation to harness your energies. These classes work the whole body and aim to improve your strength and flexibility in equal measure. You will move in coordination with the breath to positively affect mind and body. With creative sequencing, no two classes will ever be the same! You will be challenged during the flow, but will feel relaxed and restored by the end.

Yoga with Jenny D:

Having completed her Yoga Teacher Training in India, Jenny believes in teaching yoga as a complete practice incorporating pranyama and relaxation as well as a challenging moving flow. She will teach you the correct alignment with a focus on movement with breath. Different options for poses will be offered so this class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced yogis.

Pregnancy Yoga with Gandha:

These classes are for expecting mothers in their second and third trimester. They are designed to support women's mind and body through their pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Many women start yoga during their pregnancy to relieve back pain and other common pregnancy ailments, to relax and prepare mind and body for the birthing experience.

Yoga with Emily: 

There are no rules in Emily's classes, you focus on moving freely and naturally however feels good to you. Finding variations of poses that compliment your own inner intuition. Incorporating deep, conscious breath to move you through sometimes challenging moments instead of feeling stuck in uncomfortable poses that won't serve you. Her classes are mindful, moving meditations- almost with a hint of her dance background inspiration and you will flow and move along to beautifully selected music. When you practice regularly on the mat, the benefits are then visible and taken with you off the mat and become a part of who you are and how you live your life. We are all searching for connection and acceptance and that comes from connecting and accepting yourself and going within on the mat. She has since witnessed that a lot of us carry around huge amounts of tension in our bodies that ultimately make us feel out of sync in our lives, resulting in body pain, insomnia, mood swings and depression. Her goal in teaching is to guide you to realise that there is a better way to feel and that life doesn't always have to be this uphill battle and that way is a path of ease. With ease comes surrendering to the present and we can then start to approach any situation however challenging it may be from a place of calm, trusting softness.

Candle Lit Yoga with Emily:

A very gentle practice that allows the body and mind to completely relax and slow down after a busy day. Starting with a calming yang flow that will open up the body and then moving into more yin like postures where we stay in the poses for a longer period, surrendering into the present and allowing the breath to calm us and help us go deeper into our own bodies.

Dynamic Yoga with Angela and Jo:

A fun and dynamic class that will be practiced with attention and intention, intertwining self-care throughout the class. You will focus on breath awareness and proper body alignment, practicing safely on the mat, linking breath with movement to build strength, flexibility and balance. Classes start with warm up, flow through sun salutations and transition into various sequenced postures.  You will be provided with alignment cues, hands on adjustments and modifications (perfect if you just starting out on your yoga journey or if you have been practising for a while).  You will find this class both powerful and challenging and we hope you leave the room with a smile, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered.

Yin Yoga with Jo:

Yin is a slower, more restorative, floor based form of yoga in which students hold poses for between 3-5 minutes. Through deeper stretches this class will allow you to work into the connective tissues and fascia in the body, releasing tension and building on/improving flexibility. You should leave this class feeling a deep sense of relaxation with a calm, clear mind.

Hatha Yoga with Alfia:

In this class, we practice physical postures (asanas) to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body and integrate it with breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Alfia's gentle calming voice guides you through the practice as she moves around the room assisting and offering hands on adjustments. This class is great for beginners as well as for more experienced students. Full body relaxation, toning muscles, moving more freely and balance better are the goals, as we make a full circuit of the body’s range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers. Come ready to relax, tone, meditate, breath and get centred.

Ashtanga Yoga with Kremena:

The Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a sequence with breath synchronised movement. The practice is with emphasise on alignment which will naturally help the body to tone up and become more flexible. It is a strong practice which will work the whole body, keep you focus and make you grow to purify the body and mind.

Power Yoga with Sarah:

Power Yoga is a dynamic vinyasa practice and a full body workout open to everybody, from beginners to experienced yogis. The alignment principles are presented in a clear and concise way, enabling students to experience the power associated with physicality, movement and breath. Options are offered during the class so that students can choose what is right for them to suit their own level. Prepare to sweat and to experience a full body workout while enjoying a moving meditation. Yoga is a journey and students will be able to experience progress and benefits with a regular practice.


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