Simple & Fair Fees For You

A Share In All Revenue For Our Team

The Co-operative Collective:

Flexible Membership Types:

Monthly Membership 

Class Bundles

Drop-in - Commitment Free

​Save Over 50% With Membership:

Classes start at £9.50 for members instead of £22.50 for drop-in customers.

Try Our Studio From Just £7.50:

First time students can try two classes for just £15

Payment Options:

Drop In :

Drop-In to class with no commitment for £22.50 / Class.

Total Class Cost:


First Time Special:

2 classes for £15.


Total Class Cost:

£7.50 each

Monthly Memberships:


Monthly Membership are £64, £96, £110 or £120 depending on the number of classes a week you wish to take.  You can also top up an additional class each month for between £10-£16 instead of £22.50 (the usual drop-in rate)


Total Class Cost:

£9.50 - £15

Class Card Bundles:

​A 5 Class Pack costs £85.

Total Class Cost:


Please Note Some Of Our Terms

We think we've found a very fair way of charging clients and paying teachers whilst still funding the running costs of the studio, investing in class equipment and improving our service.  To keep the ship sailing smoothly we have two little rules, membership is for a minimum of three months and cancelling a class less than 12 hours in advance or not attending will result in the class top up fee being taken in full.  Your teacher will still receive their share of this.